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Welcome to Bellarine Community Health Ltd (BCH). Our organisation is committed to improving our community’s wellbeing through prevention and wellness services and providing accessible and affordable primary health care services, particularly for those most at risk.

We work with the community to promote healthy environments and prevention initiatives because we believe people receive the best health care when they take ownership for their own health.

This website provides information on all our programs and services and our referral service will assist you in determining a service that best meets your needs.

MONDAY 21st November 2016, 5:30pm
Drysdale Community Health Centre
21-23 Palmerston St
Drysdale  3223
See NEWS and EVENTS for RSVP details

We have formed a new Consumer and Community Advisory Group.  Applications are still open for service users or local community members to join. Details in "How I can be involved" on left hand menu.
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