Active Travel

Walking and cycling for recreation and transport, and greater use of public transport, is good for health, the environment and the economy.

Active travel is an efficient means of incorporating physical activity into our daily lives.

The benefits of increasing walking, cycling and public transport use for our community includes:

  • health outcomes, for example: reducing the risk of cardiovascular and another chronic disease
  • increasing social connections
  • sustainability through reducing private vehicle dependence, air and noise pollution, greenhouse gases and energy useBellarine Community Health has historically chosen to focus on advocating for environments that enable active travel, to increase physical activity levels on the Bellarine. We are working with others to improve footpaths, bike paths and public transport to make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to get around without a car.
    We do this by partnering and supporting community-led cycling, public transport and walking action groups such as:
  • Northern Bellarine Transport Action Group
  • Bellarine Bicycle Users’ Group
  • Locomote walking action group

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