We're helping new parents and new borns

INFANT is a program that helps families with children aged 0 to 2 years old eat more fruit and veggies and get active. It is important to eat well and get moving right from the start of every child’s life.

The program helps families to:

  • Play more,
  • Eat well and have more fruit and veggies each day, and
  • Spend less time in front of screens.

A nurse or health worker holds face to face groups with families, with extra help from an easy-to-use mobile app. By joining the program, families will get the right facts before they need them, and the group sessions can be a helpful way for families to share their own ideas and tips.

This program has been tried and tested with families for over 10 years by Deakin University. Bellarine Community Health is now working with partners to plan the roll out of the program locally on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Additonal Information

For more information about INFANT: https://www.infantprogram.org/

For more information about the local roll out of INFANT please email: healthycommunities@bch.org.au