Community Advisory Group

Bellarine Community Health (BCH) is committed to engaging the experiences, views and expectations of consumers and the community as the cornerstone of a better health service and better health outcomes.

What we do

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) was developed ‘to ensure clients, carers, families and communities can participate in developing, sustaining and improving the health services and wellbeing programs they need’.

The CAG is an integral mechanism to strengthen and improve the practice of consumer and the community engagement processes across Bellarine Community Health. The Community Advisory Group (CAG) provides advice to the BCH Board on the planning, delivery and evaluation of community health and care from a client or community perspective.

Regular meetings ensure that the CAG can regularly discuss topics and provide key feedback to Bellarine Community Health’s Board.

What are the responsibilities of members?

Members of the Community Advisory Group (CAG) play a key role at Bellarine Community Health (BCH) and within the community and may include but not limited to;

  • Providing input into key strategic planning of BCH
  • Providing advice and making recommendations to the BCH Board
  • Identifying and advising on priority areas or issues

    • Providing advice on processes to identify and engage consumers and the community
    • Advocating on behalf of the community
    • Reviewing consumer feedback, to identify and inform continuous improvement

CAG Projects

Bellarine Peninsula a ‘distinctive area and landscape Submission
In 2019 the government declared the Bellarine Peninsula a ‘distinctive area and landscape’ to protect the environment, landscape and lifestyle. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) developed a draft Bellarine Peninsula Distinctive Areas and Landscapes Discussion Paper.

The Discussion Paper was released for public comment and the CAG submitted a response to the paper. As a major provider of health services on the Bellarine, BCH and CAG was keen to ensure that the health and wellbeing of our communities was considered in the Government’s DAL legislation and therefore developed their submission from that perspective. To view the CAG Submission click here.

Eric Tolliday Community Engagement Reference Group
Bellarine Community Health established a Community Engagement Reference Group (CERG) to assist with the community engagement around the redevelopment of the Eric Tolliday Units.

The CERG developed a Discussion Paper for the Board that provided a range of recommendations for the BCH Board to consider. To view the CERG Discussion Paper please click here.

BCH Strategy 2022
The Chair of the CAG, a Board and staff member of BCH and a community member are represented on the Strategy 2022 Community Engagement Working Group. This group supported the organisation to ensure that the community voice was heard and considered as the organisation worked to develop the new Strategic Plan 2022 – 2025.

How are members appointed?

Application to join the Community Advisory Group (CAG) is via self-nomination. Nominees are reviewed by the current CAG members and suitable applicants are selected to achieve a diversity of skills, interests and consumer/community views.

Consideration is also given to support a gender mix and diversity in CAG membership, this includes selection to enable representativeness across health needs, service use, location and age.

Need more information?

If you would like to be involved or find out more about the CAG or other ways you can be involved, please contact the Healthy and Connected Communities  Manager on (03) 5258 0814 or [email protected]


  • Michael Robinson
  • Tracey Mitchell
  • Alan Swanwick
  • Jennifer Hocking
  • Malcolm Mill
  • Judith Baldacchino