Bellarine Community Health is proud to support Brands off our kids!

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BCH is proud to support a call for government action to protect children from unhealthy food marketing: Brands off our kids!

We advocate for healthy environments in our community.
We believe that the places where our community live, work and plays, should support their health and wellbeing.
We want to support the positive changes that can make this come about.

The Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) has developed this campaign to encourage the community to call on government to take action to protect children from unhealthy food marketing.

By supporting the ‘Brands off our kids!’ campaign, we are putting our hand up to say ‘NO’ to unhealthy food marketing.

The campaign is a call-to-action in response to the recent ‘Brands off our kids!’ report March 2021 (PDF) released by the OPC.

Research - The OPC Report

  • Highlights the tactics (or sneaky ways) that the processed food industry targets children with unhealthy food marketing.
  • Calls on the government to set higher standards and stop the industry setting its own rules.
  • Sets out four actions to protect all Australian children from unhealthy food marketing:
    1. Ensure TV, radio and cinemas are free from unhealthy food marketing from 6am to 9:30pm
    2. Prevent unhealthy food companies from targeting children
    3. Ensure public spaces and events are free from unhealthy food marketing
    4. Protect children from digital marketing of unhealthy food

What we are doing?

We are showing support for these actions by signing the ‘Brands off our kids!’ campaign petition.
We encourage other Bellarine Peninsula community members and organisations to join us by signing the OPC petition.

As part of the BCH Integrated Health Promotion strategy, we are working to create healthy places for children on the Bellarine Peninsula.

We work together with our community: local schools, kindergartens, playgroups and health service to support the health and wellbeing of families.

Join With Us

BCH Child Health and Development Dietitian Sally Hanks is also a mother of three.

Hear why it is so important to Sally to get behind the Brands off our Kids! campaign. She has signed the petition and is telling the government that it’s time to do more to prioritise children’s health over the profits of the food industry.

Drysdale resident and parent, Paola, has put up her hand to say ‘NO’ to junk food marketing towards kids.Paola is supporting the Brands off our kids! Campaign as a way to urge government to do more to protect kids like hers from unhealthy food marketing.She believes all children should be able to lead healthy lives without being surrounded by unhealthy food.

What can you do?

Sign the Petition:

Whether you are a community member or organisation, you can join us by signing the petition and showing your support for this call-to-action.
To find out more information and sign the petition click the link below:

OPC petition

How else can you help? There are lots of other ways you can take action. Find out more on the OPC website,

Send a Letter to your local MP:

We are asking our local MP to put the health of children first by calling on government to protect children from unhealthy food marketing in our community.

BCH Letter to MP (PDF)

Join us by writing to your local member.

Download the instructions and letter template below (opens in a Word document):

Letter instructions and template (Docx)

Additional Information

We want to hear from you!

Tell us! – Is it important to you to create healthy places for families?

Have you taken action for Brands off our Kids!?

Did you:

  • sign the petition?
  • write a letter to your MP?
  • share the campaign with family or friends?

Contact the BCH Healthy and Connected Communities team

Find out more

This summary sheet outlines why the system has failed and what the government must regulate to reduce children’s exposure to unhealthy food marketing.

How is self-regulation failing to protect our children? (PDF)

Here is the full report: Overbranded, Underprotected: How industry self-regulation is failing to protect children from unhealthy food marketing (PDF)

You can find out more about the OPC’s Overbranded. Underprotected. campaign and report on the OPC website.