Home and Community Care Program for Younger People

The Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC-PYP) provides basic support and maintenance services for people who experience difficulty performing the activities of daily living, and their carers, to help them remain independent at home and in the community.

Next Steps

Bellarine Community Health is a service provider for the HACC – PYP with Surf Coast Shire and the Bellarine Peninsula.

To discuss your needs and eligibility, and to access HACC – PYP services, contact Bellarine Community Health on 5258 0841.

HACC - PYP support service may include:

Help around the home
HACC – PYP can help with your normal chores, occasional repairs, or making daily life easier and safer through:

  • House cleaning – including essential cleaning ie bathroom, toilet, kitchen, spring cleaning
  • Home maintenance – such as cleaning gutters and spouts
  • Minor works – such as installing grab rails and smoke alarms Personal, nursing and health care

Carers can assist you with many regular tasks including:

  • Personal care – such as help with mobility, showering, grooming, dressing

Getting out and about

HACC – PYP can help you to keep doing the things you enjoy and stay in touch with others by:

  • Helping you shop, cook, and attend appointments If you have complex needs

Complex needs 
Some people have more complex needs which cannot be met by mainstream HACC – PYP services alone. In these cases, you may be directed to other programs that can help.

Booking and Appointments

You can make an appointment yourself or ask your doctor, health worker or other services for a referral.

Eligibility criteria and waiting periods may apply to some of our services.

Key Eligibility Criteria

The key eligibility criteria are:

  • Age (under 65 or under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people)
  • The need for support in performing the activities of daily living • Being a carer of someone who meets eligibility criteria
  • Not receiving other funded supports such as NDIS Through an assessment, our staff can help you and your family, or carer, identify your needs, and choose the right mix of services to help you live as independently as possible. An individual support plan is developed and regularly monitored and reviewed as needs change.

Service Offered

Bellarine Community Health provides HACC – PYP services for younger people aged less than 65 years and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged less than 50 years on the Bellarine and throughout the Surf Coast. We are committed to providing quality, affordable services designed to allow people to remain living at home for as long as it is safe for them to do so.

Our service provides safe, inclusive and high quality care for all our clients.

There is no fee for a HACC – PYP assessment. Client contributions are calculated on your income and your ability to pay. Fees will be determined and explained as part of the initial visit through to delivery of any agreed service.