Quality & Safety

We are committed to providing high quality healthcare that meets rigorous industry standards. Our systems for ensuring quality and safety include:

  • Compliance and auditing with relevant legislated standards
  • A Quality & Safety Board Sub-committee to oversee quality and safety performance
  • An Operational Quality & Safety Committee to ensure BCH meets accreditation standards and compliance requirements through efficient and effective processes
  • Consumer representative positions on both Quality and Safety Commitees to bring a consumer perspective
  • A Consumer and Community Advisory Group who examines trends in client feedback and provides input into  quality and safety performance and improvements.
  • Consumer feedback processes to ensure achievements and improvements are recognised and acted on

Victorian Quality Account Report

Bellarine Community Health produces an annual Quality Account Report (formerly Quality of Care Report) highlighting our performance against quality and safety standards.

Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey

The first Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) for community health centres was conducted late 2018. BCH clients returned 155 surveys.

Overall experience:

  • 96.7% positive – Overall how do you rate the care you received at this health service?
  • 90.25% positive – Was it easy to make an appointment?
  • 85% positive – Were there times that you had to repeat information that should be in your record at this health service?
  • 95.25% positive – Were the health workers compassionate?
  • 79.5% positive – Did health workers consider all your needs (such as health, culture, living and family situation and age?)

We are so pleased to receive these results and we thank the many clients that took the time to provide feedback. Our Consumer and Community Advisory Group and Quality and Safety Committees will review the report findings and look at where BCH can continue to make improvements to the consumer experience.

All Victorian health services are required to publish an annual Quality Account Report (formerly the Quality of Care Report) for each financial year to inform consumers(patients), carers and the health service community of the quality and safety systems, processes and outcomes of the health service.

Bellarine Community Health consults with consumers,carers and community members about the specific content of the annual Quality Account Report.

The Quality Account is combined with the annual report.