Live Well Bellarine - Our Approach

Live Well Bellarine (also referred to as Our plan) is the Healthy and Connected Communities team’s (HCCT) Action Plan.

The HCCT are a team of highly skilled Health Planners who live locally. We are committed to improving health and wellbeing outcomes for the Bellarine.

Our plan is based on best practice health promotion. We are always reflecting, learning and making changes to improve our work.

Working with others is central to our work, which is why we value the support from our partners greatly.

We work with a range of community settings and partners (e.g. schools, early learning centres, councils) to support our work across the Bellarine.

Our plan is guided by our framework. The framework includes our: ​

  • Vision​ – Our hope for our community
  • Priority areas​ – What we focus our work on
  • Target population​ – Who we focus our work on
  • Practice Principles​ – How we work
  • Place-based approach​ – Where we work

Practice Principles

There are six key practice principles which guide our work. We make sure that our work aligns with these principles to make the best use of our resources.

Current Projects

To find out more about our current health promotion projects contact us [email protected]  

If you would like further information about Live Well Bellarine, please reach out!Email Now