We're here to help improve communication

Our Speech Pathologists support children and young people to develop their communication skills and/or feeding.

Our team works with children aged 0 to 6 years before starting at school, including NDIS Early Childhood Approach.

We can also support children 7-12 years with a NDIS plan.

Speech Pathology

Children and families are referred to our speech service to:

  • provide guidance to parents/carers to support their child’s communication
  • help children learn how to say their words clearly at an age-appropriate level
  • improve a child’s ability to follow instructions, and to use words and sentences
  • support children to learn to play and socialise with other children, friends and family
  • assist a child to read body language, facial expression and interpret hidden social meanings
  • support challenging behaviours and learn positive ways of communicating needs and wants
  • assist in the treatment of stuttering
  • improve voice use and care
  • assist with feeding and eating difficulties

Referral to speech pathology could be considered if your child is:

  • not using words by 18 months of age
  • not joining two words together by two years of age
  • hard to understand by three years of age
  • having difficulties following instructions
  • has difficulty interacting with other children or forming friendship
  • stuttering
  • using a nasal, loud or hoarse voice
  • having difficulty swallowing, eating or drinking, or is a ‘fussy’ eater

We provide the following services:

  • screening and assessment
  • individual and group therapy programs
  • home practice ideas, education and support for parents/carers
  • referral to another service when needed
  • information on community programs
  • secondary consultation (to kinder teachers, doctors, maternal and child health nurses)_


Service Offered

  • Drysdale
  • In-home
  • Early Learning Centres / School visits
  • Telehealth
  • Groups (contact to find out more)