Let us help you get your feet sorted

Podiatrists provide comprehensive foot care, diagnosing, treating and preventing foot, ankle and lower limb problems.

Our Podiatrists can help children, youth and older adults.

How can we help

Podiatrists can assist with:

  • Simple nail care
  • Diabetes related foot concerns and education
  • Ankle and foot pain or injury
  • Heel pain
  • Corns and callous
  • Orthotics and Footwear advice
  • Ingrown toe-nails
  • Skin and nail disorders including warts, fungal nails, tinea or bacterial infections and other dermatological conditions
  • Difficult to manage foot shape changes including bunions, clawing toes or other arthritic conditions

Our qualified and experienced Podiatrists examine your feet, taking into consideration your general health and medical background. They will advise you of any identified risk factors, provide you with treatment options and develop a care-plan to maintain or improve your foot-health.

A doctor’s referral with an attached health summary is appreciated

Self -referrals with a health summary are also accepted

Foot Care Nurse

Foot care is an important part of maintaining well-being, mobility and independence. Bellarine Community Health offers an integrated podiatry and foot care team, dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of foot health and wellbeing.

Our qualified foot-care nurse provides basic foot-care services to clients who are in good health but have difficulty reaching their toes or feet or have poor eyesight. The foot care nurse can support you with:

  • Toe-nail maintenance or treatment
  • Education on how you can improve your foot health at home

To be eligible for foot-care nursing services you must first be assessed by a Podiatrist.


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Service Offered | Footcare Nurse

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