We are passionate about supporting children's health and wellbeing

Our passionate and experienced therapists deliver services to children with a variety of needs. We work in partnership with the child and their family using child and family centred principles and an early childhood intervention approach. The Child team primarily provides service to children 0-12 years. Our Speech Pathology service is only available to children 0 – 6 years unless NDIS funded.

Services are offered in clinic, within the home environment, via Telehealth, or in educational setting depending on what environment best meets the child’s needs and funding streams.

Therapists use a goal orientated and strengths-based manner to achieve the best outcomes for each child and family.

The needs of children and young people are seen in the context of their age, developmental stage, gender and culture and services build on the strengths of carers for the benefit of the whole family.

There are a range of different professions and services available for young children.

If you have any concerns regarding any areas of development, please consider speaking with your health care provider (such as GP, Maternal Child Health Nurse, or Allied Health professional), early childhood professional, or self-referring directly to Bellarine Community Health.


Service Offered

  • In-home
  • Educational setting
  • Drysdale
  • Telehealth

Online Resources

There are some online resources that can also be used to understand child development and provide comprehensive information to parents/guardians/families on all ages and developmental stages, and detailed guidance on child milestones for children birth to 5 years.