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Physiotherapists provide expertise in functional and musculoskeletal problems, pain, balance and mobility.


Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of injuries and conditions such as: back and neck pain, sports injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation and overuse injuries.

Bellarine Community Health (BCH) has a dedicated physiotherapy team to help relieve your aches and pains, not just treat the symptoms. Our qualified and professional team pride themselves on evidence based treatment and active therapy which may include guided exercises, stretching, rehabilitation or even manual therapy.

Prior to commencing any recovery, we take the time to assess your injury and provide a clear diagnosis that you will understand.

A typical treatment may include: assessment, goal setting, education, manual treatment, a home exercise program and self-management strategies. Our team can also assist you with fall prevention and balance techniques to aid in your long term health.

In line with best practice, we encourage and support self-management and work with you to provide knowledge, strategies and exercises for you to maintain your ongoing strength. We develop this in conjunction with your work, lifestyle, hobbies and family commitments.

The BCH Physiotherapy team have the knowledge and experience to treat all injuries including:

  • Muscles Aches and Sprains 
  • Joint Dysfunction 
  • Sports Injuries 
  • Arthritis 
  • Back and Neck Pain 
  • Postural Issues 
  • Headaches 

Youth Physiotherapy

They can also assist with: 

  • Exercise advice 
  • Recovery from Injury 
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or hospital admission 
  • Reducing risk of falls 
  • Prescription of walking aids 
  • Management of Pain and Chronic Conditions 

Physiotherapy provides assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions that effect movement, function and physical wellbeing. Reasons to see a Physiotherapist include:

  • Sports injuries
  • Postural issues
  • Growth related issues
  • Muscle strength and flexibility training
  • Joint pain
  • Recovery from surgery

Child Physiotherapy

Child (or Paediatric) physiotherapists are physiotherapists who specialise in working with children from birth and during childhood.

They are movement specialists who help children to achieve their optimal physical development.

Our therapist can provide assessment and management of children 0-12 who experience a range of conditions or difficulties.  Physiotherapists help to optimise a child’s physical skills as well as manage disorders that impact the bones, joints, nerves and muscles including:


  • Torticollis/Plagiocephaly (Head shape, preference to turn head one direction or tilt neck)
  • Talipes – stiff foot, curly toes, turned in foot
  • Postural variations – knock knees, bow legs, flat feet, turned in feet/toes/out turned
  • Brachial Plexus Injury/Erb’s Palsy (reduced use of arm following birth)
  • Limping/walking on toes (one sided)
  • Muscle weakness


  • Poor head/neck control
  • Late to sit/not able to sit
  • Late to crawl/not crawling/unusual crawling pattern
  • Late to walk/not walking/not running
  • only using one side of the body
  • Clumsy/awkward walk/awkward run/poor balance/coordination
  • At risk of delay due to early life changes
  • Loss of previously able physical skills

PLEASE NOTE – We do not provide child physiotherapy services under NDIS funding.


Service Offered

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  • Drysdale
  • Portarlington
  • Ocean Grove