Giving students access to free, safe, quality health services at school.

We’re helping ensure students at a secondary schools can access primary health care services from GPs and Nurses thanks to the Victorian Government’s GPs in Secondary Schools program. This program enables us to reach vulnerable young people who are unable to access general practice medicine and nursing support in the community.

Doctors in Secondary Schools

All secondary school students enrolled in a participating school can access an adolescent-health trained GP or Nurse. These practitioners have experience in child health and adolescent health, mental health and drug and alcohol services. they can provide mental and physical health advice and care.

Participating students and their parents/carers will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses for student consultations.

The program also provides valuable classroom education on health-related topics.

Consultations are:

  • Youth focused
  • Confidential
  • Family inclusive


  • Free Service Goverment subsided

Service Offered

  • Geelong High School
  • Newcomb Secondary College
  • North Geelong Secondary School
  • Lavers Hill Secondary School