Government Subsidised services

As a Community Health Service, Bellarine Community Health is funded by the State and Commonwealth Governments to deliver allied health, nursing and other services to meet the communities health needs.

Home and Community Care (HACC)

  • Services for younger people (people aged under 65 and Aboriginal people aged under 50).
  • Provides services to younger clients who either don’t have an NDIS plan or the services requested isn’t apart of their NDIS plan.

Community Health

  • Community health services funded by the Department of Health & Human Services are universal and provide a broad range of services.
  • Community health priorities clients who are economically or socially disadvantaged or have complex care needs.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

  • Services for older people (people aged 65 and over and Aboriginal people aged 50 and over).
  • Referral from  My Aged Care., You can receive a referral from My Aged Care by calling the Contact Centre on 1800 200 422.

Reach out to our intake team on (03) 5258 0812 or email: [email protected] to enquire today. A copy of our fee schedule can be downloaded HERE.

Allied Health
- Podiatry
- Physiotherapy
- Dietetics
- Continence Nursing
- Occupation Therapy
- Community Health Nurse
- Foot Care Nurse
- Cardiac Rehabilitation
Full fee applies

$120.00 per hour
$15.00 per appointment $10.00 per appointment
Speech Pathology (Child only) $120.00 per appointment $15.00 per appointment Nil
Counselling (Standard appt is 90 mins) $120.00 per hour Nil Nil
Community Nursing (weekend rates apply) $120.00 per hour $18.00 per visit $3.90 per visit
Social Group $20.00 per hour
+ $16.00 for meal
$10.00 session
+ $16.00 per meal
$10.00 session
+ $10.00 per meal
Meals on Wheels $16.00 meal $16.00 meal $10.00 meal
Community Care $82.00 per hour $15.70 per hour $6.30 per hour
Child Groups $20.00 per session $10.00 per session $10.00 per session
Exercise Groups (fixed period) $20.00 per session $10.00 per session $10.00 per session
INCOME RANGES 2019 to present (Gross income per fornight)
Individual More than $3,315 $1,503-$3,315 Under $1,503
Couple More than $4,432 $2,300-$4,432 Under $2,300
Family (one child) More than $4,559 $2,539-$4,559 Under $2,539
Income per additional child per FN $239
No FEE applies for the following Community Health clients (Not including Community Nursing Continence Clients):
Financial dependent children (0-12 years) of parents in the low-income category
Most services for young people - please contact BCH Youth Services for more details on (03) 5253 0400.