Bellarine Community Health (BCH) is here to support your health and wellbeing as we move through these uncertain times together. Eating well keeps us healthy. There are many reasons people find it hard to eat well and many ways to make it easier. One way you can look after yourself and feel good when spending more time at home is by eating more vegetables. We know that it is often tricky to find ways to add more vegetables into your day, or to encourage littles ones to give more veg a try. The good news is that there are lots of tools you can use to make it easier to eat well.  

The BCH Healthy and Connected Communities team have brought together some useful resources and links to support you and your family to eat well at home.

Planning and Shopping to Eat Well at Home

Families Eating Well at Home

Eat Well at Home on a Budget

Eat Well at Home with Cans and Other pantry items

Eating for Wellness at Home

Extra Support to Eat Well and Feed your Family

If you would like further support to help your family eat well, or to find out about our other projects, contact the Healthy and Connected Communities team by email [email protected]