Plan & Shop to Eat Well

As we still find ourselves at home more, we may find we are eating more. Some of us are preparing three meals a day at home. 

Planning to eat well is more important now than ever. There are many benefits of meal planning, such as less trips to the shop. By planning ahead we can include lots of veg into our meals. Involving the family or household in planning can also help us to eat well together.

Ever tried using a meal planner? They are a useful way to decide what you want to eat for the week, create a shopping list and prepare to cook. Download our Eat Well at Home ‘My Meal Planner’ below.

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The Achievement Program teamed up with LiveLighter to share tips and advice on the benefits of meal planning in the below video.
For more information visit Healthy Eating or Healthy Eating and Oral Health

Shopping to Eat Well at Home

When grocery shopping without a list, it’s easy to become side-tracked by items that appeal to you. This may cause you to purchase more food than you can actually consume in a week or lead you to choose items that you should be eating but don’t really like. This can lead to wasted food and less money in your wallet.  

Organizing your list into sections helps save you time and money as you shop. This type of list keeps you on task and focused on the items you’ve planned, rather than distracted by unhealthy foods on the shelves.  

Download the shopping list template below and use it to make the most of your grocery shopping.  

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