Student Champions

We are thrilled to be working with St Leonards Primary School and have recruited 14 ‘Active OUR Way Student Champions’ from grades 3-6. This is a new and exciting student leadership group which acts as a steering reference group for Active OUR Way.

The AOW Student Champions have been busily working away behind the scenes during 2023. BCH meets with these students a couple of times each term to test ideas and to help plan and provide feedback on upcoming actions. The students are always helping to steer the AOW program in the right direction.

St Leonards Primary School student champions facilitated their ‘National Ride 2 School Day event’ in March 2023, including creating receipes from scratch and a ‘green magic challenge’ which involved adding spinach to their smoothies! The students are now facilitating lunch time ‘come and try’ sessions for the entire school and planning their end of year school celebration.

We are so lucky to be working with St Leonards Primary School on this and for their commitment on embedding AOW student champions into one of their student leadership pathways.

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