Active OUR Way Snorkel Program Success

We are thrilled to share that BCH has just completed another exciting element of its ‘Active OUR Way’ program!

Over the last four weeks in March, approximately 180 students from grades 4, 5 & 6 entered the water with a big splash by participating in a local Bellarine Snorkel program.

BCH is proud to be working with St Leonards, Leopold and Portarlington Primary Schools on this fabulous program – designed by children – for children – getting more young people active and outdoors in ways designed by them.

This program has been supported by the VicHealth Healthy Futures grant as part of a BCH program called ‘Active OUR Way’.

The Snorkel sessions were delivered by two local dive companies the Marine Freshwater Discovery Centre and Scubabo Dive.

The majority of students snorkeled in the Bellarine for the first time, learning some basic snorkel skills, water safety signals and gearing up in a wetsuit and snorkel.

Students got to see banjo sharks, sting rays, puffer fish, schools of smaller fish, seagrass, seaweed and a shipwreck.

Why Snorkeling you ask? Last year we spoke to 432 students from across the three communities – and swimming and snorkeling was voted the number one activity they wanted to try and do more often! 127 students participated in design workshops where they drew and brought their activities to life – and there were many snorkel and water based programs.

For more information about the range of activities BCH is undertaking as part of it ‘Active OUR Way’ program click here.

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