Climate Action Recognition

Bellarine Community Health (BCH) has been recognised for its commitment to Climate and Health Action through the Workplace Achievement Program.

 The Achievement Program is an evidence-based health and wellbeing framework that helps workplaces and schools create a healthier environment. The program is supported by the Victorian government and delivered by Cancer Council of Victoria.

BCH has already met all existing benchmarks under the program and is thrilled to have achieved recognition for the newest benchmark.

 “We understand that climate change is already affecting our community and putting more stress on physical and mental health and safety,” said BCH CEO Garry Ellis. “That’s why we are prioritising the need to adapt to climate change and take action to reduce our carbon footprint.”

 The Achievement Program identified targeted actions including increasing active travel, eating more plants, reducing waste, using less energy, connecting with nature and being climate-ready.

Among the actions BCH has taken:

  • An energy audit of BCH sites
  • Establishing an Environmental Sustainability Advisory Group
  • Replacing individual staff bins with a centralised bin system to separate waste and improve recycling
  • Fitting timers to hydronic heaters
  • Decommissioning a high energy using cool room
  • Installing an electric vehicle charger for free community use
  • Supporting local primary schools with active transport activities
  • Providing opportunities for young people to learn about sustainable food practices through the Youth Guerrilla Garden and Farm My School

 “Our organisation is proud of the changes we have already made, and we are committed to continuous improvement in our endeavours to mitigate the impacts of climate change and to make our community a healthy place to live, now and into the future.”

BCH continues work towards actions outlined in its Environmental Sustainability Action Plan including trialling sustainable medical supplies with clinical staff, changing to more environmentally friendly cleaning products, and seeking funding to install solar panels at other BCH sites.

BCH acknowledges the importance of continuing to prioritise actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the health impacts of climate change and support the health and wellbeing of the entire community and planet.

Learn more about the Cancer Council Workplace Achievement Program HERE.

Find out more about some of our healthy eating and living actions through our Live Well Bellarine Plan HERE.

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