Community Health First

Bellarine Community Health (BCH) has today joined all 24 registered community health services and government and sector leaders to officially launch the Community Health First position paper Strengthening Victoria’s Health System through Community Health.

The paper, developed collaboratively by all registered community health services, was launched with a powerful central message focused on the need to reimagine our health system to deliver better outcomes for all Victorians regardless of their bank balance or postcode.

Anna Robinson, Chair of the Community Health First Steering Committee, said that the recommendations put forward by the paper should be drawn on by all levels of government to support work to rebuild and reimagine provision of healthcare and deliver cost-effective solutions that focus on improving outcomes.

“We know that our registered community health services hold the solutions to many of the problems facing our health and social care systems, and are central in reimagining a system that delivers better, more ambitious outcomes not only in Victoria but across Australia.”

“Through investing in community health services governments can tackle issues surrounding access to care and disparities in health outcomes through a cost-effective and locally responsive model of service delivery.”

The position paper also highlights examples of the work of community health services across the state to provide critical services and support that are responsive to the needs of communities and address the social determinants of health.

BCH CEO Garry Ellis said that the paper displays “the role our services can play in directly addressing and reducing demand on Victoria’s overcrowded emergency departments and ambulance services”.

“Victoria’s registered community health services play a vital role in keeping our state healthy and supported, helping communities thrive and keeping Victorians out of hospital, and we look forward to further conversations with government about our recommendations to build a stronger, more accessible health system.”

The Community Health First position paper, Strengthening Victoria’s Health System through Community Health, can be accessed  HERE.

Find out more about Community Health First HERE.

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