Donation helps dental clients

Bellarine Community Health’s unique personalised dental service for people with autism and mild intellectual disabilities has been given a boost thanks to a generous donation from dental instrument supply company Single Use.

Single Use supply sterile, disposable dental instruments, clinical consumables, and oral surgery procedure packs. The company has gifted BCH Dental with a supply of diagnostic kits, dental mirrors and filling kits which will be used as part of the ASD dental program.

Single Use recognises the complexities faced by individuals with autism and intellectual disabilities and supports BCH’s commitment to create a safe and positive experience for patients.

“Dental care should be accessible to everyone, without discrimination. The inclusive dental program is making a difference for patients and their relatives when visiting the dentist, building their confidence, and serving their unique needs,” said Single Use Managing Director Barney Johnson. “Because of what they’ve done and continue to do, we’re proud to stand by and support Bellarine Community Health in their mission.”

The personalised dental program includes a special intake process to understand the individual needs of each patient, and a showbag with visual aids including the dental mirrors to familiarise patients with what to expect at their dental appointment.

“It is often quite difficult for people living with autism or intellectual disability to feel comfortable at the dentist and to understand what is happening, so this service is designed to reduce that anxiety and agitation for patients to give them a more positive dental experience,” said BCH Dental Services Manager Robyn Bastiaan. “The dentist can be a scary experience for many people, so for young children and people with autism or a disability, especially around the sensory and communications challenges, it can be so traumatic.”

Single Use aim to streamline daily dental operations with convenient, quality, and ready-to-use upon-arrival items. They are also committed to social responsibility for both people and the planet, with their SMART Waste Recovery Program helping minimize the environmental impact of dental waste by focusing on a circular economy.

The SMART Waste Recovery Program helps to reduce carbon emissions by repurposing instrument waste into an energy source while we continue working towards a zero-waste solution.

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