Foot Health Week

October 10 – 16 is Foot Health Week – the nationally recognised health awareness campaign run annually in October promoting good foot health and the important role podiatrists play in keeping Australian’s pain-free and moving.

Podiatrists are foot health experts, that assess, treat, and keep you on your feet.

At Bellarine Community Health we have a wonderful team of Podiatrists who are passionate about the role they play in their client’s health and wellbeing.

“As Podiatrists we treat the foot, but that foot is attached to a person and all the complexities of that persons physical and mental health are attached to that foot,” says BCH Podiatrist Suzi Duncan.

To put your foot health in perspective here’s some fun foot facts:

–             There are 26 bones in each foot connecting to 33 joints with 19 muscles, 10 tendons and 107 ligaments holding it all together – why is foot strength important you ask?

–             3 main arteries lead into the foot and branch into many smaller blood vessels – circulation is imperative to the health of your feet

–             Approximately 8000 nerves in the feet controlling muscles and skin sensations – that’s more per square cm than anywhere else on your body

–             One foot contains 125,000 sweat glands and can produce 1/5 a pint of perspiration per day – so change those socks!

To book an appointment to see a Podiatrist, or to find out even more about your feet and how you can look after them contact BCH on 1800 007 224.

You can also find out more about our Podiatry services here Podiatry – Bellarine Community Health (

The Australian Podiatry Association has created a variety of fact sheets, guides and a magazine to help you learn more about your foot health and take better care of your feet.

While these resources do not replace clinical advice, and we strongly advise you to see your podiatrist if you have any concerns, they can be a starting point for gaining knowledge about foot health and help you develop an understanding of various lower limb conditions.

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