Garden workshop reaps rewards

The recent Youth Guerrilla Garden working bee behind the headspace Ocean Grove site reaped lots of rewards.

Not only did the Guerrilla Garden Crew welcome four new members to their ranks, they also harvested loads of organic veggies including kale, lettuce, spring onions and bok choy.

The focus of the working bee and workshop was to learn how to build a worm farm.

Participants helped build two worm farms which will produce nutrient rich worm castings and worm juice for the plants in the Youth Guerrilla Garden.

Worm farms are a terrific way of dealing with household food waste which helps reduce our carbon footprint.

Two thirds of Australian household landfill waste is food waste.

Victorian households throw away more than $2 thousand a year in wasted food, with food thrown into garbage bins ending up in landfill.

Food in landfill breaks down and creates greenhouse gases, including methane, which affects air quality, our health and contributes to global warming.

If you are interested in finding more out about the BCH supported Youth Guerrilla Garden, contact BCH Healthy & Connected Communities team at [email protected]

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