Podiatrist support Diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes foot disease is the leading cause of morbidity, mortality and healthcare cost burdens in Australia.

Amputation is often a consequence of diabetes, yet 80 per cent of diabetes related amputations are preventable.

Each year, diabetes related foot disease affects 50,000 people with another 300,000 people having risk factors for developing foot disease.

Our BCH Podiatry team is passionate about the health of our clients and the prevention of foot complications such as foot ulcers.

A key to supporting clients is the early assessment and identification of risk factors associated with diabetes followed by education and support to help clients prevent foot disease.

The BCH Podiatry Team have had a recent equipment upgrade to assist in the assessment and identification of poor blood flow into the feet which is one of the most common risk factors associated with Diabetes.

This Smartdop is a non-invasive, evidence supported method that will be used by our Podiatrists to determine the quality of blood flow into the lower limb and feet.

With the information gathered from the assessment, BCH can provide suitable referrals to specialists on the client’s behalf, as well as education and advice to help clients protect their feet from foot ulcers.

This year the National Diabetes Week campaign is shining a light on the stigma people with diabetes face and the effect this can have on their mental and emotional health.  This can often result in people with diabetes not getting the help and support they need which may further impact their emotional health but also their physical health.

If you would like to talk to a BCH Podiatrist about your foot health call 1800 007 224 or visit Podiatry – Bellarine Community Health (bch.org.au)

To learn more about National Diabetes Week head to National Diabetes Week 2022 – Diabetes Australia

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