Vaping reforms welcomed

Bellarine Community Health welcomes the Federal Government’s Plan to regulate vaping to protect all Australians from the harms created by Big Tobacco and the vaping industry.

The reforms will tighten regulations on highly dangerous and additive nicotine vaping products.

Healthy Communities Planner Lauren Purser, said local work in this area, along with tighter legislation from the Government around the sale, promotion, packaging and use of e-cigarettes is a great start, but there is still a lot of work to be done to get this issue under control.

BCH’s Healthy and Connected Communities Team has been working to educate all staff and the broader community about the dangers of vaping.

You can get more information about e-cigarettes via the Quit website  or VicHealth website

If you or loved ones would like further support to quit smoking or vaping, contact BCH Youth Services 5253 0400, or text ‘call back’ to QUIT Victoria on 13 78 48.

We have also developed a series of smoking and vaping resources for schools and families.

These can be accessed on our BCH website here.

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