World Environment Day

Today marks the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day and the focus this year is finding solutions to plastic pollution. Sometimes little things can make a big difference, so Bellarine Community Health has been making many small changes which we believe will have a big impact.

BCH is taking steps by using compostable or recyclable cups for water dispensers We’ve also changed our internal rubbish bins, getting rid of small individual office-based bins and replacing them with centralised bins for landfill and recycling. The bins will assist in greater separation of waste, will use biodegradable liners and increase incidental exercise for staff by walking to the central locations.

BCH has also implemented several energy saving initiatives to help us address our carbon footprint.

An energy audit identified on demand hot water taps in the tea rooms across our sites as being high energy users because they keep the water at a constant boiling temperature. The cost of repairing the taps is also very high. The recommendation from the audit was to discontinue their use.  As a result, the taps will no longer be repaired or replaced. Quick boil kettles will be used instead where required. BCH will no longer install these types of taps in any buildings.

In addition, timers have been fitted to the hydronic heaters in one of the older buildings on our site to enable them to be turned off over the weekend when no staff are on site. There is a significant predicted energy saving from turning the heaters off.

An energy also audit identified an under utilised cool room as a major energy consumer, so the decision was made to turn it off and get a smaller more efficient fridge.  The old cool room has since been re-purposed to provide a temperature controlled, dust free environment for critical equipment used in our dental services.

You can learn more about World Environment Day HERE.

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