Active OUR Way – Bringing student designs to life!

BCH’s Healthy and Connected Communities team heard from more than 430 Primary School students in late 2022 as part of our local ‘Active OUR Way’ program.

During a three-month design process, we heard from students from St Leonards Primary School, Leopold Primary School and Portarlington Primary School.

  • 127 students attended face-to-face design workshops ran by the Healthy Communities team.
  • Over 380 students completed a student survey.

In total, we asked 430 Primary School students which activities ‘they wanted to try and do more often’.  Students voted for their top 5 activities.

  • 45 – 65% of students voted for ‘recreation activities’ such as swimming, snorkeling, bike riding and skateboarding.
  • 20-35% of students voted for more ‘sporty activities’ such as Netball, Football, Soccer or Basketball.
  • 45% of students voted for roller blading, bushwalking, hiking and running.

We are so pleased to share that we have been working with all three communities to bring their top ideas to life, including:

  • ‘Snorkel and Water Safety Program’ to 180 students – with the Marine and Freshwater Discovery Centre and Scubabo Dive.
  • ‘Learn to Skate’ Program to 135 students – with the YMCA All Aboard team.
  • Classroom water safety education sessions to 362 students – with Life Saving Victoria.
  • Ride2School campaign and event – with Bicycle Network

Click below to download a copy of the results:

For more information:

Contact the [email protected] or visit Active OUR Way – Community Actions – Bellarine Community Health (


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